the first-ever environmental analytics platform

Immediately notifies key stakeholders the moment clean air is compromised

Until now, there have been no autonomous, digital analytics of vapor intrusion mitigation. In-person routine maintenance, the current solution, is costly and redundant. As a means of ensuring a site is vapor intrusion-free,  VaporTrac analytics mechanizes the status of vapor intrusion mitigation systems, providing real-time updates as an assurance that the system is operating at environmentally safe standards.

As an authorized dealer, Peak Environment can provide and better reach the highest level of environmentally safety with autonomous, digital analytics. Vapor intrusion, as a result of irresponsible waste disposal, is becoming the biggest threat to all development land above the contaminated subsurface. This is prevalent to a vast majority of homes and commercial properties in the United States.

Immediate Notification Support

Radon and chemical vapor mitigation systems need to operate continuously in order for the system to be effective. VaporTrac Management System will detect any power failure or out-of-spec vacuum parameter and immediately send a notification, via email, to key stakeholders


Cut Costs for In-Person Routine Maintenance. 

At the moment safe air exposure is compromised, VaporTrac immediately notifies key stakeholders. With immediate notification support, a technician can be deployed as soon as a system is non-compliant. The need for routine, in-person maintenance is no longer a requirement.