the second leading cause of lung cancer

Radon is a chemical element that radioactive, colorless, tasteless and odorless. Being a decay product of uranium, if it the largest source of radiation passively inhaled each day. Exposure to radon gas, which can come from a multitude of sources in homes, increases the risk of developing lung cancer. According to the EPA around 21,000 people die from radon-related lung cancer per year, or 58 people per day. This health hazard is enhanced with smokers. 

how radon can be an issue in your home

Radon forms when uranium in water, rocks, and soil begins to break down, releasing radon gas into the soil beneath homes. Radon can enter a home through:

  • Water (i.e: shower)
  • Cracks in foundation walls and floors
  • Spaces around pipes (sump) entering the foundation
  • Fractured bedrock
  • Fireplaces and furnaces
  • Floor gaps

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